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Bubble Football Bubble
Are you looking for another suitable event highlight to make something special for your event to the event?Bubble Football Bubble, the players to the upper body wear giant inflatable balls


Bubble football comes originally from Scandinavia and at least since “Schlag den Raab”somehow each bubble football knows.


A huge attack on the funny bone offers this new bubble ball. You play normal footballbubble, definitely try it. To take off at the moment when you try to ball the bubble youropponent you will see that this is no longer so easy. With your bubble ball withapproximately 1.50 metres diameter they encounter on your opponent, quickly losing thebalance. Kulisek funny game moments, when the players on the pitch bumping, fall and tryto get back up to what is also not easy.


Invented “Bubble ball” in Denmark. In Scandinavia, the trend of since then popularenjoys. But also our German neighbours have been captured by the “bubble“football fever recently, there is the “German bubble football Federal”, short DBF. The first German bubble ball Championship is coming soon.