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In most of the events people either play old and boring games or they do not play at all. As a result of that they end up having a very bad time in those events and they wish to get away from the place. If you are also planning to organize an event and you don’t want people to get bored there, then I can suggest you to play some games with bubble football.
In case, you have no idea what an inflatable bumper ball is, then I can share it with you. Actually it’s a giant bubble ball and people wear this giant ball for playing games. After wearing this giant bubble ball people can wear various games such as soccer or similar other games. Since it will make them unstable so they will fall again and while playing the game and it will make it a funny event for all those that are watching.

bubble football
Also, it is safe for people that are wearing this because the air cushion of inflatable bumper ball will keep the player safe from any injury. This ball is also known as human hamster ball because people start behaving like hamster after wearing it. That makes it very funny as well as entertaining as well for all the people and players.
Good thing about this kind of games is that you can play it in all kind of events. That means if you are organizing a team building activity for your corporate office then you can try this and if you are in a party then also you can use it and you can have amazing fun. And if you are wondering how you can get it, then you will have no reasons to worry about that as well because you can go to contact us and you can easily buy a bubble football from this website.

Bubble Football UK

One of the best side effect of Bubble Football is the opportunity it provides for the members to bond. A lot of a bonding is experienced, coupled with ensuing laughter at corporate events that is especially heart-warming. Employees from completely different departments, who would otherwise have no reason to talk or interact with each other suddenly are meeting and becoming great friends after a crazy game of bubble soccer.

At the end of the day, it translates into higher productivity levels at the office the following week! Finally, Sales and Engineering are not only getting along, they’re actively working together and loving every minute of it! It’s a CEO’s dream come true…at a bachelor party, the groom is bidding farewell to his bachelorhood. We all know that men love football. This addition into the bachelor party would be the best gift for them. This they would treasure, and never forget even as they embark on their new life.

In birthday parties, the same effect is experienced. Parties are expected to bring people together and ensure that everyone gets to have as much fun as possible. In these parties, there are people of different age groups, gender and professions. Some may not have met in the past. In such an instance bubble football helps in breaking the ice and making the audience much more at ease with one another. After all the reason why the party is there is to enjoy the moment. Its unique nature cannot be ignored.

There are quite a number of enquiring by people from all over the world in regards to bubble football for rent. Some companies do not consider this option but there are those that have already embarked on this venture. These parties would include birthday parties, corporate team building events and bachelor parties. Rates for renting these bubble football equipment varies from one region to another. They are also affected by the type of event but at the end of the day, they are always reasonable and will be a big smash and addition at the party!

Bubble Football Price

Bubble Football Price,we have our factory that is run by professional designers who can customize you bubble football into what you would love it. Above that, our designers are experts who have acquired seven years of experience making and processing inflatables. With this experience, we have kept developing our products to meet our customers’ needs.

The bubble football that we have is that which can be used by everyone. We have bubble ball for the kids as well as for the adults as bubble soccer is a game that can provide fun for everyone. Whatever event you have and you need a soccer bubble ball; you can get in touch with us. Our bubble balls can be used for school or church event, corporate and youth group activities as well as during birthday parties.

Advantages of bubble ball
-they are safe and fun to play with
-they are of different sizes and color hence you can choose your taste
-they are affordable at fair prices
-they also have no side effects to your physical body parts or health.
-you can order them and it can be shipped and delivered to you just the way you want.
-they are very durable, so you can buy one and that will make you attend all the bubble soccer events as you want.
-they are also certified by the industry that manufactures them hence legal.

However, it is a very challenging product to use during your first time, but let that not stop you, continue practicing with close supervision since practice makes perfect. play bubble football and have fun.

Bubble Football Equipment

Bubble football ball is actually a new brand of the exciting game that brings new and innovative meaning to ball control. Or you can say that this is an outstanding twist on the traditional football. In this game, you will be covered in a big, soft inflatable Bubble Ball. Lots of fun and entertainment are involved in this game for both players and audience! Most of individual have only watched videos of this game on Face book and YouTube! But now you will be able to play also, because you can easily purchase them through online shopping.


The history of bubble football:

Bubble Football was invented by Lee Moseley, who was basically an asbestos surveyor but he always tried to set up a unique dream company.

There 14 players are wrapped in the giant bubble and they are encouraged to hit each other as they battle for possession of the football. This is one of the unique ways of entertainment which was first appeared on Lee’s mind.

Bubble Ball Football name of a great entertainment:

There huge amount of entertainment are involved with Bubble Ball Football and other Bubble Ball sports, so that these are perfect for any birthday parties, team building, school and college event, private parties church groups, corporate events, , bachelor parties, family get together, and beach get parties! This ball game is exciting and enormous fun for both children and adults. According to the recent survey, Kidfun, one of the renowned manufacturers of mainland China, produces a most durable body zorb ball. Within this body zorb ball, your legs is totally free and you can move very easily, so you can run, jump and walk inside the ball and able to do lots of funs activities.

Inside a bubble football ball, you can feel you are really in a bubble. Actually the balls are designed in a way that players can easily flip and knocked inside the balls. The inflatable suits are really secured and safe.

This is recommend by the specialist that try to use this ball on either grass or wooden floors, that why you can easily play this game on basketball courts or Indoor sports court.

The essential equipment of bubble football

This is basically a fun game and made with soft material like TPU or PVC, so that it is recommended that Bubble Football must be utilized by children, but today adults are also like to play this sport event. The giant Balls have excellent padded harness inside of the ball which has the capacity to make the player secured inside the ball. No matter what is the size of the player, these bubble football equipments are very easily adjusted to get the perfect fit. This ball has a Belt Straps which is also important equipment of this Bubble Ball is as same as the Strap Belts of schoolbag. This Strap Belts is excellent thing to reduce the back strain, so that you can feel much more comfort when carrying the Bubble Balls.

Now Bubble Football is very famous and well accepted in UK, America, and various parts in Europe. It is expected that Bubble Football will get huge popularity worldwide in the future.

Bubble Football Ball

Bubble Football ball is a new sport around Europe. It is somehow similar to soccer, only it is played with special equipment. Bubble Football ball  has been born in Norway and has become popular in many countries in the world.

Bubble Football ball are large plastic balls worn over the upper body and face, leaving your legs free to run around the field, with a donut shaped hole to allow for easy breathing. They’re typically use in pairs or more, and allow the wearer to “bump, check, or steam roll” their opponent(s) out of the way as they go for the goal. Laughter is required.

In bubble football ball there are no specific roles during the game, but players are required to wear special bubble suits. Each team in bubble soccer has only five players. The game is fun for children and adults alike and it is physical and exhilarating. The bubble suits allow players to move their legs freely inside the zorb ball, to flip, jump, walk, and run.

Who can play Bubble Football ball?

There are no major restrictions surrounding the sport; anyone can engage in bubble soccer, no matter the gender or age; though in many cases, the rules will insist that only individuals above the age of 14 or 15 can participate.

There are also some medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart complications that will rule one out from partaking in this physically taxing activity.


Bubble Football Kent

Discovering, making it new and deriving much fun is what modern adventure means and true adventure seeker can do anything to get only the best. Trust me; bubble soccer Kent has all that takes to make your day quite enjoyable. If you are new to this game, beware; no skills are needed. As long as you can move your fits, kick the ball and lift yourself up, this is your game.

How does bubble game work

This game is played with a minimum of ten players. The rules may be the same with those of real football and in some circumstance it may have referee and linesman. Goal scoring is involved to determine the winning team. Every player wears a bubble gamer. This device is like a big balloon and can bounce back when someone falls. Falling and collision is the thrilling part of this game. Don’t fear it since you cannot get harm instead you will love the experience.

Why bubbles football Kent

First of all, it is next to you in Ottawa therefore you need spend extra money to move to enjoy the same game in another city. Besides that, we offer waivers and therefore you can pay less than expected. Furthermore, the waiver is valid for one year. This outcome is advantageous since you and your loved one can enjoy playing this game for a whole year with reduced rate.

Bubble football Kent playing tips

It is important to arrive on the playing field ten minutes before the game. Arriving earlier enables you to get enough time to prepare and know your teammates before the game. Besides that, you need to book earlier enough to get a reservation.



A FEAST of goals, a controversial sending off and an absolutely thrilling match at the Oval.
The sending off was handed out to Coleraine defender Michael Smyth after 24 minutes – his first
dismissal in 15 years of Irish league bubble football.
Smyth appeared to be getting away with a robust challenge on Glen’s full- back Hugh Dickson after
receiving a 12th minute yellow card.
But the intervention of Glentoran winger Tim McCann changed the situation dramatically.
Referee Alan Snoddy sprinted over to the touchline and then decided to send Smyth packing.
Champions Glentoran picked up only their fourth win of the season thanks to David Rainey’s
Rainey produced a superb strike after 74 minutes to put his side 2-1 up, a goal Glentoran manager
Roy Coyle reckons is the best he’s seen in recent years.
Added Coyle: “It was a goal fit to win any match and certainly the three points have brought relief to
everyone here. This was a big result for us if we were to keep in touch with the Premier League
Coleraine, meanwhile, were incensed by the sending off. Smyth said: “I feel sick about the incident.
I’m not a dirty player and my record proves this.
“Until Tim McCann butted in, I don’t think the referee was going to do anything.”
Coleraine manager Kenny Shiels said: “It’s points which mean prizes, and no I’m not pleased with
the way we played.”
Coleraine keeper Kevin McKeown could do nothing about Rainey’s opener after 43 minutes – a
close-range finish at the back post.
Sloppy defending cost the Glens after just one minute of the restart.
The visitors’ Michael McHugh danced through unchallenged to slide the ball underneath a helpless
Rainey then produced his super strike, and a minute later Stuart Elliott picked up a Hamill header
and finished brilliantly.
Substitute Marty McCann set up a nailbiting finish when his strike gave Gough no chance.