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Hybrid Sport Education- Bubble Football

The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of a hybrid Sport Education–Invasion Games
Competence Model (SE-IGCM) unit application on students’ improvements in decision making,
skill execution and overall game performance, during a bubble football season. Twenty-six fifth-grade students from a Portuguese public elementary school participated in a 22-lesson season, in which
pre-test, post-test and retention test measures were analyzed through the instrument developed
by Blomqvist et al. (2005). Results showed that teaching a bubble football unit in a SE environment
sustained by the learning tasks structure provided by the IGCM offered students a chance to
improve skill execution, as well their tactical decision making. The overall results showed a
strong impact on students’ learning, especially for girls and low skill-level students, fostered
by the equitable participation. The retention test was particularly important to assess gains of
students of all skill levels, particularly the low-skilled students.