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Play Bubble Football In UK

Bubble Football This is one of the amazing,popular,modern and full of fun football game in UK.The football is played by both genders no matter the age since it is safe.
How to play Bubble FootballBubble football is played on a glass pitch just like the normal football.It has the goalies as well as referee.It comprise of groups/teams of players who go head-to-head in the game with a twist.All the players put on a giant bubble which is inflatable.The players pull this inflated zord-like bubble over their heads before going on the pitch.This bubble covers the players from the thighs upward.Since the bubble covers the players’ heads,they are able to perform various challenges as well as take out rival players easily.The bubble suit gives a bouncy caution that protects players from any knock.

bubble football
Why go for Bubble Football-Is the best game for getting rid of hangovers and for leisure.-It acts as an awesome ice-breaker for players/groups.It is the best source of fun for festive seasons such as Christmas,birthdays and holidays.-It does not require any football skills.NOTE:The cost and price of the game vary based on the size of the group,venue,duration of playing and the type of booking.

Bubble Football Play

Bubble Football Play,when choosing the day for the activity, you should be mindful of the weather because sometimes it can be sweltering. Bubbles have safety parts that you can hold onto while people are jumping on you from all angles. This will ensure that you are stuck inside and safe. The game should, however, be played with those who are 15 years and above. Also, the game is both an indoor and an outdoor activity although when playing inside you should be extra careful since you might slip. However, while playing, you should not wear soccer boots as the spikes could damage them.

How to hire the equipment

These playing tools are also hired in packages unless you are less than 10 people. The prices for hire include the balls, shirts, suits and cones that are used for marking out the field. Moreover, prices may vary depending on the location and what is necessary. Before booking the gadgets, you are required to pay at least 20% deposit. If you cancel your booking with 5 days, it is unlikely that you will be refunded. The first deposit must be transferred to the account but afterwards, money can be sent through cash, direct transfer among others. Nevertheless, packages that are more than 10 bubbles may be available depending on the availability.

Bubble game is one of the most exciting games to play. You only need to identify the company, apply for the gadgets, make a deposit, look for bubble soccer perth and you are done! For bookings that require more than 10 bubbles, you can contact them for more information.

Bubble Football Cost

The bubble football cost is reasonable.
It was born in Norway and is being expanded to every country around the world. It’s a thrilling new take on that well known game of football (Soccer to the Americans among us)!

Bubble Football is the exciting new sports craze sweeping Europe and the USA and it is so much fun!


You will be safely strapped into a bubble football suit to have an amazing time! Once you’re inyour bubble football suit you will struggle to not fall over laughing as you bump into your competition while trying to kick the bubble football ball into the goal. It’s so much fun, and not just for players – check out youtube to see what I mean There are no specific rules in bubble football – other than to have fun and win!
The bubble football weights around 10 and 15 pounds, every bubble suit has his own valve for filling and emptying purposes that come with a pump, the suits can be inflate and deflate for the quick time of two and a half minutes, and they can be stow easily inside a medium duffel or your gym bag, If you are worry about the size, like any other sport you can dream up. Bubble football suits have an open space just in the middle for suits your body, with shoulder straps and grip handles right in front of you. Bubble football suit is most commonly almost five feet but can be smaller as 3.9ft or 5.9ft.

Bubble Football Ball

Bubble Football ball is a new sport around Europe. It is somehow similar to soccer, only it is played with special equipment. Bubble Football ball  has been born in Norway and has become popular in many countries in the world.

Bubble Football ball are large plastic balls worn over the upper body and face, leaving your legs free to run around the field, with a donut shaped hole to allow for easy breathing. They’re typically use in pairs or more, and allow the wearer to “bump, check, or steam roll” their opponent(s) out of the way as they go for the goal. Laughter is required.

In bubble football ball there are no specific roles during the game, but players are required to wear special bubble suits. Each team in bubble soccer has only five players. The game is fun for children and adults alike and it is physical and exhilarating. The bubble suits allow players to move their legs freely inside the zorb ball, to flip, jump, walk, and run.

Who can play Bubble Football ball?

There are no major restrictions surrounding the sport; anyone can engage in bubble soccer, no matter the gender or age; though in many cases, the rules will insist that only individuals above the age of 14 or 15 can participate.

There are also some medical conditions such as high blood pressure and heart complications that will rule one out from partaking in this physically taxing activity.