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Bubble Football Equipment

Bubble football ball is actually a new brand of the exciting game that brings new and innovative meaning to ball control. Or you can say that this is an outstanding twist on the traditional football. In this game, you will be covered in a big, soft inflatable Bubble Ball. Lots of fun and entertainment are involved in this game for both players and audience! Most of individual have only watched videos of this game on Face book and YouTube! But now you will be able to play also, because you can easily purchase them through online shopping.


The history of bubble football:

Bubble Football was invented by Lee Moseley, who was basically an asbestos surveyor but he always tried to set up a unique dream company.

There 14 players are wrapped in the giant bubble and they are encouraged to hit each other as they battle for possession of the football. This is one of the unique ways of entertainment which was first appeared on Lee’s mind.

Bubble Ball Football name of a great entertainment:

There huge amount of entertainment are involved with Bubble Ball Football and other Bubble Ball sports, so that these are perfect for any birthday parties, team building, school and college event, private parties church groups, corporate events, , bachelor parties, family get together, and beach get parties! This ball game is exciting and enormous fun for both children and adults. According to the recent survey, Kidfun, one of the renowned manufacturers of mainland China, produces a most durable body zorb ball. Within this body zorb ball, your legs is totally free and you can move very easily, so you can run, jump and walk inside the ball and able to do lots of funs activities.

Inside a bubble football ball, you can feel you are really in a bubble. Actually the balls are designed in a way that players can easily flip and knocked inside the balls. The inflatable suits are really secured and safe.

This is recommend by the specialist that try to use this ball on either grass or wooden floors, that why you can easily play this game on basketball courts or Indoor sports court.

The essential equipment of bubble football

This is basically a fun game and made with soft material like TPU or PVC, so that it is recommended that Bubble Football must be utilized by children, but today adults are also like to play this sport event. The giant Balls have excellent padded harness inside of the ball which has the capacity to make the player secured inside the ball. No matter what is the size of the player, these bubble football equipments are very easily adjusted to get the perfect fit. This ball has a Belt Straps which is also important equipment of this Bubble Ball is as same as the Strap Belts of schoolbag. This Strap Belts is excellent thing to reduce the back strain, so that you can feel much more comfort when carrying the Bubble Balls.

Now Bubble Football is very famous and well accepted in UK, America, and various parts in Europe. It is expected that Bubble Football will get huge popularity worldwide in the future.

Bubble Football Buy

Bubble Football Buy,bubble footballs while other countries in Europe call it loopyball or bubble soccer.  The bubble footballs that’s sweeping the globe actually started out as a joke between Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold, hosts of the Norwegian comedy sports show Golden Goal.  The duo posted a video of them playing bubble soccer on YouTube, and its popularity spread across Europe like warm Nutella.


For those playing the indoor football, they have to buy the inflatable football field and court. It acts as the area, and it’s made of PVC and has all the features of a conventional football field. The area comes in different colors.We offer a variety of colors and sizes of bubble football, you can buy bubble football in our online-shop.

Another equipment for bubble footballs is the hand held electric blower for bumper-ball and body zorb. The blower is used to pump in air to make the suit ready for use. The suits have to be inflated with air before the players put them on so as to start playing.

Other firms will include a start-up kit bag as part of the equipment purchased. The kit bag contains among other pumps, first aid kits, accident books, briefing sheets and training forms.


Bubble Football Cost

The bubble football cost is reasonable.
It was born in Norway and is being expanded to every country around the world. It’s a thrilling new take on that well known game of football (Soccer to the Americans among us)!

Bubble Football is the exciting new sports craze sweeping Europe and the USA and it is so much fun!


You will be safely strapped into a bubble football suit to have an amazing time! Once you’re inyour bubble football suit you will struggle to not fall over laughing as you bump into your competition while trying to kick the bubble football ball into the goal. It’s so much fun, and not just for players – check out youtube to see what I mean There are no specific rules in bubble football – other than to have fun and win!
The bubble football weights around 10 and 15 pounds, every bubble suit has his own valve for filling and emptying purposes that come with a pump, the suits can be inflate and deflate for the quick time of two and a half minutes, and they can be stow easily inside a medium duffel or your gym bag, If you are worry about the size, like any other sport you can dream up. Bubble football suits have an open space just in the middle for suits your body, with shoulder straps and grip handles right in front of you. Bubble football suit is most commonly almost five feet but can be smaller as 3.9ft or 5.9ft.

Bubble Football For Sale

Bubble Football For Sale,it is a soccer game, whereby players play soccer wearing giant bubbles that allows them to bump, flip and roll while trying to score. Zorb football is a unique experience which offers the best of all worlds. It is fun, fast and full of laugh. Zorbing football, as its crazy name suggests, is as unique as it is hilarious and it is perfect for team building exercises or as part of a stag weekend.

Zorbing hire UK was the first company that introduced the game zorb to the UK. It has number of great venues set up for bubble football and zorbing fun. At zorbing hire UK, they use the best quality equipment with train staff to ensure one will have the best experience possible.

In zorbing, you need to strap yourself into your own one man body zorb and split off into teams. Rather than tackle, you can use effective barge to win the ball from your opponent by sending them flying end over end in the process. Once you get the ball, dribble it home and score, but always keep an eye out for a barge from an opponent.

The zorb football is a great idea for corporate event or stag party for people of all the ages and abilities. New kind and youth-sized zorbs make the ideal birthday party event.



Bubble football Equipment

Bubble football or Bubble ball football or bumper ball or whatever you need to call it..the amusement is basic the principles are straightforward and energy is full.Using an inflatable zorb-like air pocket, you can crush into different players and discover yourself actually moving far from the ball, skipping around and snickering and making other chuckle.

So here at NABS we talk with more than 20 individuals a day around the USA intrigued by either playing or beginning an air pocket football class in their general vicinity. Periodically, the inquiries are dependably the same, so we figured we’d take sooner or later to answer some FAQ’s about our Bubble football Leagues, the gameplay, and the Bubble football Equipment.


How sheltered is it to play Bubble Football.
The dangers related to Bubble Football or Bubble football are the same as whatever other game. There’s dependably a danger for wounds, for example, turned lower legs or wounded knees, yet the danger isn’t generally any higher than customary football. There is to a greater degree a worry that the real contact causes harm, but since the air pockets are so enormous, the concussive effect is really uprooted over the whole surface of the ball, so the player inside feels nothing! To the extent concussive related wounds are concerned, we’ve never had any.

How is the diversion played.
The amusement is played simply like a conventional football match with two parts, anywhere in the range of 25-45 minutes every half. Groups play in group sizes extending from 6-on-6 to full 11-on-11 football matches. It all relies on upon the sort of landscape the amusement is being played on, the extent of the office, and the quantity of players in a specific group. The main contrast between customary football and air pocket football is that occasionally players can’t get upright in the wake of being thumped down in view of their chuckling. It’s not exceptional for the refs to need to help them move over to get up!

Is there a distinction in nature of the air pocket football guards.
Yes! Similarly as with whatever else, there is a stamped contrast in fantastic and low quality guards balls for air pocket football that is related to two parts of development: the plastic sap utilized and the assembling procedure. Numerous individuals accept that €plastic is plastic€ so any sort will do, then again its not the situation. As a rule you may have seen features of air pocket football where the balls show up to a degree shady. The motivation behind why is on account of lesser quality balls utilize a mix of plastics in their tar which can influence how light, temperature, and general utilization will bring about the ball to wear over the long run. Not just that, significantly more critical is the sort fixing utilized on the ball’s creases. On the off chance that the creases are simply warmth fixed instead of ultrasonically welded, you’re going to have a gigantic contrast in the sturdiness of those creases. That is the reason all our gear is assessed for approbation twice before we send anything out.