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Fancy bubble football attracted lots of people’s wide attention

I want to recommend a new game named bubble football to all of you.The bubble football was based on classical football.The birth of it was inspired by the normal football,Pillowfight and comedy.And the bubble football is full of fun and adventure ,which is different from normal football.To some extent,bubble football looks like bumper cars when it plays.Of course,it has the same target of the normal football.


This bubble ball games are loved by all in The Europe.The participants need to be put in bubble balls with hands fixed on,then let competitors out and goal the ball by pushing each other.And bubble ball will form a protective layer in order to ensure the absolute safety.Football game can be very interesting via new rules,children,teenagers and older people all can have fun from it.Bubble football is popular to lots of people as a ball game.We can hold a bubble football game when we have a birthday party or start a company annual meeting.It not only give us fun,but also will make the participants communicate with each other to get closer.I really think that you will be sorry if you miss the game.

A new game named bubble football occupies teenagers’ time

There is a new game which was called bubble football popular among teenagers recently.As we all know,football was originated in North American and was divided into two kinds which were soccer and American football in 1800.Based on that,bubble football was invented by two people who think that football can play in other ways.It seems that bubble football is a game can bring laughter,which is liked by lots of people in different age groups.Especially for teenagers,bubble football has been one of the first choice among various games.


Bubble football is famous of being funny,so some people say that normal football is the dream and pursuit while bubble football is the entertainment for these teenagers.Participants who played the game all know that it’s a best way to eliminate embarrassment between strangers.Playing bubble football game can make people closer in a short time.However,there is something that we should remember that we can push each other instead of beating in the competition.We can see the bubble football game in the birthday party frequently,bubble football was adopted as a interesting link because of joy.And in the bubble football game,it can help the teenagers improve collaboration and deal with interpersonal relationship.

A fancy and interesting bubble football appeals to everybody

In recent years, a fancy football game named bubble football has gone into people’s sight and has got their love quickly.It has the recreation and appreciation at a same time.It plays a lot like classic football,but it is safer and far more interesting than that in some areas.


Bubble football can be said to be a kind of exercise. For these office workers,it will be great exercise if they are organized to play a bubble football in their break time.I really think it can be good to their’s health.Many people may think that running and bodybuilding is very boring and not easy to insist on.At this time,the bubble football can be a good choice for those people who sit in the office all day.For older people,bubble football can avoid injuries by the protection of bubble ball.Football is very popular among children,so is the bubble football.May be bubble football is more popular.If a child is going to hold a birthday party,l will really recommend the bubble football as a entertainment link.It can give the children both joy and friendship,and it also can make them realize the importance of team work.This will make for the formation of the values in the future.

New Style of Football–Bubble Football Swept Across UK

In North America and other regions,football has been one of the most popular hobby in recent years,especially among the teenagers,now we have a new style of football which was called bubble football.

In 2011,two norwegians who’s name are Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden create bubble football.It was just like bumper cars when it was played. In that year,bubble football was broadcast in a local TV show as a original game.And the next year, after released on the website ,bubble football was popular in the whole of Europe.The player is required to be wrapped in a transparent plastic ball,and push against each other to make the competitor out.Because of lacking of balance by fixing hands,this game is flooded with joy and funny. In June 2014,bubble football was introduced in Asia.Then,it caused great response in Japan and Taiwan quickly.Last year,bubble football game was adopted in the “Running Man’’ which is a famous variety show in South Korea many times.And it was popular with lots of people,such as children,teenagers and office workers.When many peoples go to camp,bubble football is one of the first game which they will chose.The game can eliminate the sense of alienation in order to make everyone close as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of Playing Bubble Football

It is always a brilliant idea to do something different from what others are doing. Many sports have been in existence for decades but it’s about that time people should add something new to them to make it beIt is always a brilliant idea to do something different from what others are doing. Many sports have been in existence for decades but it’s about that time people should add something new to them to make it tter. Football or soccer has been played across the globe for over hundred years but in the recent times, there is now a new way of doing it for fun. Have you ever tried to play bubble soccer? This is one of those outdoor events which you can enjoy without spending much on the entire kit that’s needed. You can buy bubble soccer at local stores in your area and be good to go. If there is no store selling the gear, online stores do come in handy.

bubble football

What benefits do bubble football offers? One of the greatest reasons people are advised to buy bubble soccer is the fact that it’s ideal for both children and adults. It is quite annoying to find that your kids are stuck to their computers thus becoming antisocial. They shy away from the neighbor’s kids simply because you have made them addict to games that entails no physical endeavors. Bubble soccer is going to change that as it calls for people to engage actively in an open ground. You can invite your kids to come along with their parents to your yard or a nearby park where the game is going to take place. The good thing about this game is that it requires no training. As long as you can buy bubble soccer kit, everyone will be ready to have the time of their life.

It is not a must for a caretaker to be around when the kids are enjoying bubble football. The reason is because the inflated ball which they will be wearing will shield them against injuries. Your kids need to develop their muscles at tender age and by the time they will be at their 20s, they will have no difficulties in doing workouts. As a parent, you can also buy bubble soccer for yourself so that you can have the time of your life with them.

Play Bubble Football In UK

Bubble Football This is one of the amazing,popular,modern and full of fun football game in UK.The football is played by both genders no matter the age since it is safe.
How to play Bubble FootballBubble football is played on a glass pitch just like the normal football.It has the goalies as well as referee.It comprise of groups/teams of players who go head-to-head in the game with a twist.All the players put on a giant bubble which is inflatable.The players pull this inflated zord-like bubble over their heads before going on the pitch.This bubble covers the players from the thighs upward.Since the bubble covers the players’ heads,they are able to perform various challenges as well as take out rival players easily.The bubble suit gives a bouncy caution that protects players from any knock.

bubble football
Why go for Bubble Football-Is the best game for getting rid of hangovers and for leisure.-It acts as an awesome ice-breaker for players/groups.It is the best source of fun for festive seasons such as Christmas,birthdays and holidays.-It does not require any football skills.NOTE:The cost and price of the game vary based on the size of the group,venue,duration of playing and the type of booking.

How safe is it to play Bubble football uk?

How safe is it to play Bubble football uk?
The risks related to Bubble Football or Bubble Soccer are the same as some other game. There’s dependably a risk for injuries, for example, twisted lower legs or bruised knees, yet the risk isn’t generally any higher than traditional soccer. There is to a greater degree a worry that the genuine contact causes injury, but since the bubbles are so huge, the concussive effect is really displaced over the whole surface of the ball, so the player inside feels nothing! To the extent concussive related injuries are concerned, we’ve never had any.

How is the game played?
The game is played simply like a traditional soccer game with two parts, anywhere in the range of 25-45 minutes for each half. Groups play in group sizes ranging from 6-on-6 to full 11-on-11 soccer matches. Everything relies on upon the kind of terrain the game is being played on, the span of the office, and the quantity of players in a specific alliance. The main difference between traditional soccer and bubble soccer is that occasionally players can’t get upright in the wake of being thumped down on account of their chuckling. It’s not exceptional for the refs to need to assist them with rolling over to get up!

Is there a difference in quality of the bubble soccer bumpers?
Yes! Likewise with anything else, there is a checked difference in top notch and low quality bumpers balls for bubble football UK that is related to two parts of development: the plastic resin utilized and the manufacturing procedure. Numerous individuals accept that plastic is plastic so any sort will do, on the other hand it’s not the situation. Often times you may have seen recordings of bubble soccer where the balls show up to some degree overcast. The motivation behind why is on account of lesser quality balls utilize a mix of plastics in their resin which can influence how light, temperature, and overall use will bring about the ball to wear over time. Not just that, significantly more vital is the sort sealing utilized on the ball’s creases. If the creases are simply warmth fixed instead of ultrasonically welded, you’re going to have an enormous difference in the toughness of those creases. That is the reason all our hardware is inspected for endorsement twice before we send anything out.

Buy Bubble Football

Bubble football is one of the famous sport activity in the world.For you to play the game effectively you need to have executive bubble football equipments.Do not worry on how to get the equipments for good news is here for you.Our company has all the equipments that are necessary to execute the game.Its important that you buy bubble soccer from us to excel in the game.

bubble football

There are so many reasons why you should buy bubble football equipment from us.Some of these reasons involves;

Quality assurance

Our products are of high quality.Unlike other companies which sells vague products,our company sells original products that is of top quality.


Our products are made of strong materials.This boosts the durability of bubble soccer equipments.You can use them for long without getting damaged.Its amazing durability will help you save your money meant for replacement for other expenditures.


Financial budget is very important as far as success in every field is concern.We acknowledge our clients as the subjects of our company.On that note,we have fixed reasonable prices to our products.Its not necessary for you to save billions of money to have bubble football.Your little savings can see you have it with minimal financial strains.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We endeavour to serve our clients to their satisfaction.We consider the taste and preferences of our clients and cater for them fully.Our able and friendly team will always serve our clients with passion.Our joy is to see our customers fully satisfied.

Excellent storage

We store the bubble football equipments in excellent bags.The bags are strong enough to keep our products safe from any possible damages.The bags are portable and can be easily moved from one place to another with minimal frustrations.

For you to buy bubble football equipment that is excellently designed,consider buying from our company.

Bubble Football UK

One of the best side effect of Bubble Football is the opportunity it provides for the members to bond. A lot of a bonding is experienced, coupled with ensuing laughter at corporate events that is especially heart-warming. Employees from completely different departments, who would otherwise have no reason to talk or interact with each other suddenly are meeting and becoming great friends after a crazy game of bubble soccer.

At the end of the day, it translates into higher productivity levels at the office the following week! Finally, Sales and Engineering are not only getting along, they’re actively working together and loving every minute of it! It’s a CEO’s dream come true…at a bachelor party, the groom is bidding farewell to his bachelorhood. We all know that men love football. This addition into the bachelor party would be the best gift for them. This they would treasure, and never forget even as they embark on their new life.

In birthday parties, the same effect is experienced. Parties are expected to bring people together and ensure that everyone gets to have as much fun as possible. In these parties, there are people of different age groups, gender and professions. Some may not have met in the past. In such an instance bubble football helps in breaking the ice and making the audience much more at ease with one another. After all the reason why the party is there is to enjoy the moment. Its unique nature cannot be ignored.

There are quite a number of enquiring by people from all over the world in regards to bubble football for rent. Some companies do not consider this option but there are those that have already embarked on this venture. These parties would include birthday parties, corporate team building events and bachelor parties. Rates for renting these bubble football equipment varies from one region to another. They are also affected by the type of event but at the end of the day, they are always reasonable and will be a big smash and addition at the party!

Bubble Football Price

Bubble Football Price,we have our factory that is run by professional designers who can customize you bubble football into what you would love it. Above that, our designers are experts who have acquired seven years of experience making and processing inflatables. With this experience, we have kept developing our products to meet our customers’ needs.

The bubble football that we have is that which can be used by everyone. We have bubble ball for the kids as well as for the adults as bubble soccer is a game that can provide fun for everyone. Whatever event you have and you need a soccer bubble ball; you can get in touch with us. Our bubble balls can be used for school or church event, corporate and youth group activities as well as during birthday parties.

Advantages of bubble ball
-they are safe and fun to play with
-they are of different sizes and color hence you can choose your taste
-they are affordable at fair prices
-they also have no side effects to your physical body parts or health.
-you can order them and it can be shipped and delivered to you just the way you want.
-they are very durable, so you can buy one and that will make you attend all the bubble soccer events as you want.
-they are also certified by the industry that manufactures them hence legal.

However, it is a very challenging product to use during your first time, but let that not stop you, continue practicing with close supervision since practice makes perfect. play bubble football and have fun.